Our farm business it’s composed by vineyards extirpated and renewed in the 90s from old cultures to adapt to new methods of cultivation. The vineyard, grows by the manual cut of the bunch in order to decrease naturally the productions (80 q. Ca) to have a wine of higher quality, surrounding the whole area of the Hotel al Maso and the Residence LaVigna.
    Due to the features of our clay ground, the 11 acres of the farm business can produce excellent red grapes, Merlot, and white grapes, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Merlot is located, facing east, on the hill that surrounding the Residence, while Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay are located in hill and surrounding both the Hotel and the Residence.
    Our grapes are taken to the Cantina Madonna delle Vittorie, which converts it into wine.

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      vino MDV

      The Pinot Grigio, originally called Ruländer, it’s arrived in Trentino in the second half of 800. The grapes, used for make this wine, come from the vineyards grown according to the strict protocols.
      Quality, which aim to make the vineyard an independent ecosystem that lives and feeds through the balance of all its elements: environment, climate and man. Of an intense golden color, has a rich aroma with a bit taste of pear and apricot with a background of flowers and honey.

      vino MDV

      The Chardonnay is a grape of French origin best grown as espaliers and it's crossed, during the day, by the “Ora del Garda”, a warm breeze that keeps out the grapes from the attacks of fungus and favors the accumulation of beneficial substances for grapes. Of a yellow color with green-gold reflections, the Chardonnay is fine and elegant. The notes of yellow fruit, pineapple and orange, are combined harmoniously giving a sweet aroma of vanilla. The taste shows all its character and essence typical of Chardonnay.

    • MERLOT
      vino MDV

      The Merlot is a grape of French origin present in Trentino from many years with excellent results, especially in the hilly vineyards and valley. To express itself at the best, needs loose grounds, full of skeleton that’s not especially fertile, able to further an advance of maturation. The Merlot has a rich ruby color and elegant fruity smell of blackberries and plums. At the palate is very balanced and strong taste.

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